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Mediation is a confidential process by which two individuals negotiate their divorce with a neutral third party. Because you know your family and the unique factors of your situation better than any professional or judge, this process allows you to come to the table with your own creative ideas and work out a solution that honors the needs of everyone involved. Though each party should retain an attorney to give legal advice and file paperwork with the courts, mediation is a cost-effective process that can reduce attorney's fees and allow individuals to feel a sense of control and investment in the process. Issues that can be solved successfully through mediation include parenting time, child support, property settlements, and spousal maintenance.

Link Therapy and Mediation offers both individual mediators and mediation teams. When choosing a team, you can request to work with a male/female team of mental health practitioners or a team in which one person has a mental health background and the other has a legal background.

One Mediator - - $150 per hour
Mediation Team - - $200 per hour


Early Neutral Evaluation is a process, usually suggested during your ICMC (Initial Case Management Conference) but you can also hire evaluators privately. We offer Social Early Neutral Evaluations (SENE/CPENE) which help parties make decisions related to custody and parenting time. We do not offer financial ENE's (FENE) at this time. At the SENE meeting, you can expect to have time to share your story and the role you have played within your family and propose what you believe are fair options. The evaluators, a male female team consisting of a mental health professional and an attorney, will consider all of your thoughts and give you an evaluative opinion regarding how the case might play out in court and what their recommendations would be for your family. You are not bound by any of their suggestions. This process is merely a way for you to get helpful information from experts as you negotiate a settlement. If you have more questions about how to get started with the ENE process, please give us a call and consult with your attorney.

When you decide to participate in ENE during your Initial Case Management Conference, the price you pay is determined by the court. If you are hiring private ENE evaluators, the pricing varies based on which male/female team you chose. We work with a variety of co-evaluators.

Collaborative Law

We are willing to serve as mental health professionals and/or child specialists in collaborative law cases.

$150 per hour

Individual Therapy

Divorce and other family transitions can be physically and emotionally taxing. We provide a confidential, safe, and welcoming environment for both men and women to process their thoughts and emotions about difficult life changes. We understand that individuals can be more empowered to advocate for themselves during the divorce process when they have separate space to explore their feelings with a trusted professional.

Please see Therapy for more information about therapy, including pricing. See Staff for information on our therapists and which insurance companies each works with.

Reunification Therapy

When parents and children need to rebuild a relationship after several months or years of not having contact, reunification therapy can often be the right choice. Please refer to our Therapy tab for more information on Reunification Therapy, including pricing and retainer information which can be viewed in the Reunification Therapy Agreement document available for direct download.